Title Review Code Rating Rating
A new implementation of itk::ImageToImageFilter for efficient parallelization of image processing algorithms using Intel Threading Building Blocks 1 starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 2254 times and viewed 14999 times
ITK Implementation Of The Minimum Error Image Thresholding Algorithm 1 starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 4340 times and viewed 13159 times
Reading a PTX file into an itkMesh 1 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 4042 times and viewed 13382 times
Creating a 2D Active Shape Model Using itk::ImagePCAShapeModelEstimator 2 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 4224 times and viewed 12814 times
Giving streaming and multi-threading capabilities to non-streamable ITK filters 2 starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 3570 times and viewed 12903 times
Image Registration with Automatic Computation of Gradients 1 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 2533 times and viewed 13749 times
Interactive Correspondence Selection 1 starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 3617 times and viewed 12671 times
Mesh Similarity Calculator 1 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 3641 times and viewed 12121 times
Using the strategy pattern to simplify ITK 2 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 3450 times and viewed 12233 times
The TVDMFFDVR Algorithm 1 starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 3257 times and viewed 11492 times
Moore Neighbor Tracing 1 starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 2431 times and viewed 12088 times
Assign Scalars Mesh Filter 3 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 3341 times and viewed 11063 times
Ventricle Segmentation with Itk's Watershed filter 1 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 2226 times and viewed 11995 times
Warp Mesh Filter 1 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 3142 times and viewed 10891 times
Confidence connected segmentation 1 starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 1799 times and viewed 10693 times
Simulated Diffusion-Weighted Imaging for the ITK Masses 2 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 2546 times and viewed 9418 times
Experimenting with Segmentation in ITK 1 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 1897 times and viewed 9672 times
Why do walks with Hilbert seem to take so long? 1 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 2962 times and viewed 8117 times
RPI OSSP Ventricle ConnectedThreshold Segmentation 1 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 911 times and viewed 8905 times
Conformal Flattening ITK Filter 5 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 3055 times and viewed 21393 times
Digital Topology 9 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 3292 times and viewed 19851 times
Implementation of a 3D thinning algorithm 2 starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 2805 times and viewed 35175 times
The NLM-Mayo Image Collection: Common Access to Uncommon Data 3 starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 2524 times and viewed 14538 times
How to use the itk::NaryElevateImageFilter and itk::UnaryRetractImageFilter for the post-processing of medical 4D data 5 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 1665 times and viewed 11241 times
A DICOM-based Software Infrastructure for Data Archiving 2 starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 2639 times and viewed 17172 times
Development of open source software for computer-assisted intervention systems 2 starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 2556 times and viewed 15711 times
FFT based convolution 3 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 4974 times and viewed 25062 times
ITK-Based Implementation of Two-Projection 2D/3D Registration Method with an Application in Patient Setup for External Beam Radiotherapy 3 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 9761 times and viewed 19334 times
Tetrahedral mesh generation for medical imaging 3 starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 3084 times and viewed 21687 times
Voxel Value Ratio Variance Image Registration Metric for the Insight Toolkit 2 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 3239 times and viewed 12228 times
Image Segmentation: Ventricle Isolation Using Region Growing 2 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 2042 times and viewed 12706 times
An open, clinically-validated database of 3D+t cine-MR images of the left ventricle with associated manual and automated segmentation 4 starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 2205 times and viewed 14859 times

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Anisotropic Diffusion in ITK
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Fostering Open Science in Lung Cancer Lesion Sizing with ITK module LSTK
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