Title Review Code Rating Rating
2006 MICCAI Open Workshop Announcement 0 starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 1086 times and viewed 9653 times
3D Voxel-Based Volumetric Image Registration with Volume-View Guidance 0 starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 2719 times and viewed 19388 times
A DICOM-based Software Infrastructure for Data Archiving 2 starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 2135 times and viewed 14752 times
A Fast Approximation to the Bilateral Filter for ITK 3 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 3994 times and viewed 14287 times
A Flexible Variational Registration Framework 0 starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 2395 times and viewed 8944 times
A Framework for Algorithm Evaluation and Clinical Application Prototyping using ITK 0 starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 2707 times and viewed 19072 times
A Framework for Comparison and Evaluation of Nonlinear Intra-Subject Image Registration Algorithms 0 starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 2509 times and viewed 23486 times
A Framework for Improved Regression Testing Based Upon CTest and CDash 0 starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 3030 times and viewed 12582 times
A GPU-based Implementation of Multimodal Deformable Image Registration Based on Mutual Information or Bhattacharyya Distance 0 starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 3157 times and viewed 11559 times
A Generalized Squared Euclidean Distance Transform with Voronoi Maps 4 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 2525 times and viewed 17535 times
A Gradient Descent Trust Region Optimizer 1 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 2503 times and viewed 9462 times
A Homogeneous Transform Class for the ITK 0 starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 2640 times and viewed 12562 times
A Label Geometry Image Filter for Multiple Object Measurement 9 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 5377 times and viewed 18646 times
A Modification to Otsu Thresholding Method for ICV Segmentation 0 starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 3117 times and viewed 15252 times
A MultipleImageIterator for iterating over multiple images simultaneously 0 starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 2250 times and viewed 8209 times
A Novel Information-Theoretic Point-Set Measure Based on the Jensen-Havrda-Charvat-Tsallis Divergence 2 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 2669 times and viewed 14492 times
A Quantitative DTI Fiber Tract Analysis Suite 0 starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 2946 times and viewed 17133 times
A Simple Command Line Argument Parser 3 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 2362 times and viewed 9968 times
A Skull-Stripping Filter for ITK 4 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 5373 times and viewed 25113 times
A Streaming IO Base Class and Support for Streaming the MRC and VTK File Format 2 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 2897 times and viewed 12792 times
A Threshold with Hysteresis 0 starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 2614 times and viewed 7968 times
A Tutorial on Combining Nonlinear Optimization with CUDA 0 starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 2656 times and viewed 6573 times
A White Matter Stochastic Tractography System 0 starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 2025 times and viewed 12551 times
A definition of Spatial Orientation for the Insight Toolkit 0 starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 1735 times and viewed 10781 times
A generic interpolator for multi-label images 0 starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 1872 times and viewed 10041 times
A new Gray-Level Picture Thresholding method for colonoscopic navigation 2 starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 1044 times and viewed 13354 times
A new implementation of itk::ImageToImageFilter for efficient parallelization of image processing algorithms using Intel Threading Building Blocks 1 starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 984 times and viewed 5314 times
A nonparametric, entropy-minimizing MRI tissue classification algorithm implementation using ITK 2 starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 2059 times and viewed 13547 times
A patch-based framework for new ITK functionality: Joint fusion, denoising, and non-local super-resolution 0 starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 136 times and viewed 352 times
A program to cast and convert image files 4 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 1160 times and viewed 9507 times
A programming environment for the development of modular 3D biomedical image processing applications 3 starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 1940 times and viewed 13129 times
A simple Qt based comparison program for ITK and VTK images. 1 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 5438 times and viewed 12105 times

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2017 January-December
280 days

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