The Insight Journal is an Open Access on-line publication covering the domain of medical image processing and visualization.

The unique characteristics of the Insight Journal include:

- Open-access to articles, data, code, and reviews
- Open peer-review that invites discussion between reviewers and authors
- Emphasis on reproducible science via automated code compilation and testing
- Support for continuous revision of articles, code, and reviews

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Probability Distributions for the Insight Toolkit
No opinion
Probability distributions are a key component of clinical research. One only has to make a cursory review of clinical literature to realize that nearly all clinical publications reference some sort of statistical test; be it t-test, chi-squared test, or [...]

A small rework for the Gaussian Derivative Image Function
The itk::GaussianDerivativeImageFunction computes the derivative at the specified physical or pixel location. Unfortunately it has a number of deficiencies, for which I suggest possible solutions.

N-D Linear Time Exact Signed Euclidean Distance Transform
Fast computation of distance transforms find direct application in various computer vision problems. Currently there exists two image filters in the ITK library which can be used to generate distance maps. Unfortunately, these filters produce only [...]

Improving performance of morphological reconstruction
Morphological reconstruction may be implemented in a number of different ways. ITK has an iterative method and a non iterative method. This article compares the performance of another non iterative method and finds a significant improvement.

Fast BlockMatching Registration with Entropy-based Similarity
No opinion
This paper describes the implementation of a multidimensional block-matching nonrigid registration algorithm. The main features of the algorithm are its simplicity, its free form nature, the modularity of the similarity measure, which makes it possible using [...]

Robust Automatic Threshold Selection
No opinion
Robust Automatic Threshold Selection (RATS) is a fast and noise robust automatic thresholding method based on gradients in the image. The basic idea is to choose the threshold at the intensity where the gradient are the highest.

Zeiss (LSM) file format support
This filter will allow support for file reading and writting in ITK for the Zeiss (LSM) file format.

Improving features and performance of binary erode and dilate filters
No opinion
Binary erosion and dilation are the base filters of binary mathematical morphology. In ITK 2.4.1 verb$BinaryDilateImageFilter$ and verb$BinaryErodeImageFilter$ implement an efficient algorithm described in cite{Nikopoulos2000}. However, those filter lack [...]

Image Calculator
No opinion
ImageCalculator is a command line program for doing simple mathematical operations to a series of images and generating an new output image and basic statistics about the output image. The program uses the Insight Toolkit ( for file IO and [...]

The watershed transform in ITK - discussion and new developments
No opinion
This report discusses various definitions and implementations of the watershed transform as well as providing an introduction to some well known techniques for applying the watershed transform to practical problems. The discussion will be focused on new and [...]

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