The Insight Journal is an Open Access on-line publication covering the domain of medical image processing and visualization.

The unique characteristics of the Insight Journal include:

- Open-access to articles, data, code, and reviews
- Open peer-review that invites discussion between reviewers and authors
- Emphasis on reproducible science via automated code compilation and testing
- Support for continuous revision of articles, code, and reviews

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Label overlay
No opinion
LabelOverlayImageFilter colorize a label image and put it on top of the input image.

Binary morphological closing and opening image filters
No opinion
Binary morphological closing and opening image filters remove structures smaller than the structuring element in a binary image.

No opinion
InvertIntensityImageFilter is a convenient filter to invert the intensity of an image.

No opinion
Morphological gradients enhance the variation of pixel intensity in a given neighborhood.

Image projections along an axis
Image projection is a very common task in image analysis to reduce the dimension of an image. A base filter is provided, with some specialized filters which implement different projection methods.

WrapITK: Enhanced languages support for the Insight Toolkit
ITK is a huge image analysis library, which contains lots of state of the arts algorithms implementations. However, using it in C++ can be difficult and is definitively bad suited for prototyping. WrapITK aims to allow classes from ITK (and custom, classes [...]

To facilitate the analysis of medical image data in research environment, MATITK is developed to allow ITK algorithms to be called in MATLAB. ITK is a powerful open-source image analysis toolkit, but it requires the knowledge of C++ to use it. With the help [...]

A filter to impose to the input image the minima defined in the marker image.

BioRad file format support
This filter will allow support for file reading and writting in ITK for the Bio-Rad file format.

JPEG 2000 in Medical Applications
No opinion
The DICOM Working Group 4 (compression group) has approved in November 2001 the use of JPEG 2000 compression as part of the DICOM standard. This document describes how this wavelet transform-based image compression algorithms is now integrated via GDCM and [...]

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