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Finding regional extrema - methods and performance
Finding regional extrema of images is an important step in a number of morphological algorithms, such as some versions of the watershed transformfootnote{This work started because we were trying to compare different watershed algorithms}. Regional extrema [...]

MINC2.0 IO Support for ITK
MINC2.0 IO support for ITK.

ModulusImageFilter is a simple image filter to compute the modulus (x % dividend) pixel-wise.

Slice by slice filtering with ITK
No opinion
While filtering in N dimensions is a main feature of ITK, filtering an image in N-1 dimensions, slice by slice, can be very useful in many cases. Currently, this operation require a consequent amount of work to be done with ITK. A new filter is provided [...]

Kappa Sigma Clipping
When an image is mostly composed of background pixels, most of the automatic thresholding methods are failing to produce a relevant threshold. This is mainly caused because one mode is over represented compared to the other in the histogram of the image. [...]

Permute Axes Transform for ITK
No opinion
The current ITK release (2.8) already contains a filter that enables permuting coordinate axes of an image: PermuteAxesImageFilter. PermuteAxesTransform provides similar functionality in form if ITK transform. It enables permuting axes as a part of image [...]

Polar Transforms for ITK
Polar transform is a geometric transform, that transforms points form cartesian coordinates to so-called polar coordinates. In case of 2D space, a point in polar coordinate system is addressed by radius and angle. In image processing, polar transform is [...]

This document describes a filter called itkMultipleUnlabeledImagesToLabeledImageFilter, which takes multiple images as input and generates a single image of labeled pixels. Pixels to be labeled for each image are determined by an intensity threshold. [...]

Orthogonal Bisection of an Image
No opinion
This document describes a filter called itkOrthogonalBisectImageFilter, which bisects an input image and copies each divided region into two separate output images. Pixel values are copied while maintaining their original pixel location. The output images [...]

FFT Shift
A common usage when working with Fourier transform is to shift the the image to put the zero-frequency component in the center of the image. This contribution comes with a filter to perform this transform.

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