ImageLinearIterator - WithIndex removed
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ITK includes a number of iterators including the {em itkImageLinearConstIteratorWithIndex} and {em itkImageLinearIteratorWithIndex} that support visiting voxels along lines parallel to the image axes. This is particularly useful for separable filters. This [...]

Including TIFF tags in the MetaDataDictionary
Tiff images are widely used and domain and instrument specific information is often included in some tags. There isn't any standard way of making use of this information in ITK at present. This article introduces some minor additions to the ITK tiff reader to [...]

Image mask adaptor for pixel order independent filters
It is sometimes useful to apply a filter to a region defined by a mask. This article introduces a simple ``mask adaptor'' filter that allows this type of operation to be tested easily. It is applicable to filters that do not need any pixel location [...]

Simple directional gradients
It is often useful to be able to compute the component of image gradient in a direction defined by a shape of some form, rather than relative to the image axis. This article introduces a simple method for doing this based on distance transforms that is [...]

Some extra image logical operations
Logic operations such as $I > J$, where I and J are images are useful when generating masks. This submission includes $==$, $>$, $>=$, $<$ and $<=$ filters based on the existing logic filters. This is a very minor submission - there may already be easy [...]

Grayscale morphological attribute operations
Morphological area attribute openings and closingscite{Cheng92,Vincent93a} are connected set operations that are able to remove parts of an image that meet certain criteria without changing the rest of the image. This article describes a number of classes [...]

Morphology with parabolic structuring elements
Morphological erosion and dilation filters employ a structuring function, with flat structuring functions being the most common example. This article will use the term ``parabolic'', but much of the literature uses ``quadratic'' structuring functions are less [...]

Improving performance of morphological reconstruction
Morphological reconstruction may be implemented in a number of different ways. ITK has an iterative method and a non iterative method. This article compares the performance of another non iterative method and finds a significant improvement.

Optimization of connected component labelling
The report details some modifications made to the ITK {em ConnectedComponentImageFilter} in an attempt to improve performance. Some interesting observations were made during this process. A new filter using a different algorithm to perform the [...]

Histogram-based thresholding - some missing methods
Using intensity histograms to estimate image thresholds is a long established practice in image processing and image analysis and a wide variety of techniques have been developed. Different techniques are appropriate for different intensity distributions. [...]

Consolidated morphology
Grayscale dilation and erosion are basic transformations of mathematical morphology. Used together or with other transformations, they are very useful tools for image analysis. However, they can be very time consuming, especially with 3D images, and with [...]

Parallel algorithms for erosion and dilation of label images.
It is sometimes useful to be able to apply binary morphological operations, such as erosions and dilations, to labelled images in a fashion that preserves the labels. This article introduces a specialised class implementing parallel methods described in beare [...]

Facet Analyser: ParaView plugin for automated facet detection and measurement of interplanar angles of tomographic objects
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The presented ParaView plugin allows easy access to the algorithm described in Ref 1. It enables analysis of faceted objects that exhibit distortions in their digital representation, e.g. due to tomographic reconstruction artifacts. The contributed [...]

The watershed transform in ITK - discussion and new developments
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This report discusses various definitions and implementations of the watershed transform as well as providing an introduction to some well known techniques for applying the watershed transform to practical problems. The discussion will be focused on new and [...]

Finding regional extrema - methods and performance
Finding regional extrema of images is an important step in a number of morphological algorithms, such as some versions of the watershed transformfootnote{This work started because we were trying to compare different watershed algorithms}. Regional extrema [...]

Efficient implementation of kernel filtering
Kernel based filtering is one of the fundamental tools of image analysis and processing. A number of approaches have been developed over the years that allow efficient implementation of such filters even when the kernel size is large. This article reviews [...]

CITK - an architecture and examples of CUDA enabled ITK filters
There is great interest in the use of graphics processing units (GPU)for general purpose applications because the highly parallel architectures used in GPUs offer the potential for huge performance increases. The use of GPUs in image analysis applications has [...]

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