Polar Transforms for ITK
Polar transform is a geometric transform, that transforms points form cartesian coordinates to so-called polar coordinates. In case of 2D space, a point in polar coordinate system is addressed by radius and angle. In image processing, polar transform is [...]

Permute Axes Transform for ITK
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The current ITK release (2.8) already contains a filter that enables permuting coordinate axes of an image: PermuteAxesImageFilter. PermuteAxesTransform provides similar functionality in form if ITK transform. It enables permuting axes as a part of image [...]

Phase Correlation Method for ITK
Phase Correlation Method (PCM or SPOMF - Symmetric Phase-Only Matched Filter) is a well known image registration method, that exploits Fourier Shift Theorem property of Fourier Transform. Even though it is limited to estimate only shifts between two images, [...]

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