A Gradient Descent Trust Region Optimizer
This document describes a new simple gradient descent optimizer which is a potential replacement or supplement for RegularStepGradientDescentOptimizer. The optimizer requires only the gradient of the parameters and uses a simple linear model internally. [...]

Improving The Oriented Image Class For Use In The Registration Framework
The original design of the ITK registration framework was based around the itk::Image class, which assumed that the pixel axes were aligned with the coordinate system axes. The itk::OrientedImage was added later as a subclass, but problems remain with its [...]

Improvements to the itk::KernelTransform and Subclasses
No opinion
Kernel-based transforms such as the thin plate spline are frequently used to model deformations in medical imaging. The existing implementation in ITK is capable of being used to warp images, but does not work in the registration framework. The existing [...]

A Homogeneous Transform Class for the ITK
No opinion
Homogeneous transformations are widely used in computer vision and graphics. They commonly arise when considering the transformation of an image of a planar object under arbitrary camera motion, or the transformation of two images of the same scene due to [...]

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