To facilitate the analysis of medical image data in research environment, MATITK is developed to allow ITK algorithms to be called in MATLAB. ITK is a powerful open-source image analysis toolkit, but it requires the knowledge of C++ to use it. With the help [...]

I-DO: A Deformable Organisms framework for ITK
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Medical image analysis is an important problem relating to the study of various diseases. Since their inception to MICCAI in 2001, ''deformable organisms'' have emerged as a fruitful methodology with examples ranging from 2D corpus callosum segmentation [...]

Scale Invariant Feature Transform for n-Dimensional Images (n-SIFT)
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This document describes the implementation of several features previously developed[2], extending the 2D scale invariant feature transform (SIFT)[4, 5] for images of arbitrary dimensionality, such as 3D medical image volumes and time series, using ITK1. [...]

VascuSynth: Vascular Tree Synthesis Software
In previous work, we presented an algorithm to synthesize volumetric images of vascular trees and generate the corresponding ground truth segmentations, bifurcation locations, branch properties, and tree hierarchy. In this work, we provide the software needed [...]

ITK Image IO interface with Apple iOS
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We have recently detailed the procedure for building ITK on the iOS. In this work, we contribute itkiOSImageIO , the necessary ITK class that provides the input/output (IO) interface with the repository of images stored on iOS Apple devices, such as the iPod [...]

ITK on the iOS
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ITK is one of the most powerful image segmentation and registration libraries available as an open source toolkit. Motivated by the recent popularization of the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, in this work, we describe the set of required steps for integrating [...]

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