Guided Diffusion Tensor Tractography with GTRACT: A Validation Study
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A novel fiber tracking algorithm (GTRACT) was developed to enhance tracking through ambiguous regions where cross fibers, fiber merging or fanning may be occurring. The software was developed using several cross platform open-source toolkits (ITK, VTK, and [...]

Spherical Thin Plate Spline Mesh Filter
This document describes a contribution to the Insight Toolkit intended to perform landmark-based registration on two meshes. The method implemented here is restricted to meshes with a spherical geometry and topology. Please refer Wahba's paper for the [...]

Rescale Scalars Mesh Filter
This documents is about the filter itk::RescaleScalarsQuadEdgeMeshFilter. It does the point-wise linear transformation to the scalar values of the input mesh. This paper is accompanied with the source code, input data, parameters and output data that we used [...]

Assign Scalars Mesh Filter
This article describes the filter itk::AssignScalarValuesQuadEdgeMeshFilter. It takes two meshes, one as an input and the other as a source to assign scalar values of the nodes from the source mesh to the input mesh. Both of the two meshes should have the [...]

Histogram Matching Mesh Filter
This documents describes the filter itk::HistogramMatchingQuadEdgeMeshFilter. It takes an input (source) mesh and a reference mesh, normalizes the scalar values between two meshes by histogram matching, and generates an output mesh which has a similar [...]

Warp Mesh Filter
This documents is about the filter itk::WarpQuadEdgeMeshFilter. It takes two input meshes (fixed and moving meshes) and one deformation field. It produces one output mesh. Each point on the fixed mesh is warped according to the displacement vector saved in [...]

Mesh Similarity Calculator
This documents is about the filter itkQuadEdgeMeshSimilarityCalculator. It takes inputs of two meshes and gives the similarity of the labels on them in two types of similarity measurements – Dice Similarity and Jaccard Similarity. This paper is accompanied [...]

Comparison of Displacement-Based and Force-Based Mapped Meshing
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The finite element (FE) method is a powerful tool for the study of biomechanics. One of the limiting factors in transitioning this tool into the clinic is the time required to generate high quality meshes for analysis. Previously, we developed a mapped [...]

Mesh To List Adaptor
This documents is about the filter itk::ScalarQuadEdgeMeshToListAdaptor. It takes the input mesh and generates a list of measurement vectors according to the scalars of the mesh. The list can be fed into itk::Statistics::SampleToHistogramFilter [1, 2] to [...]

3D Segmentation In The Clinic: A Grand Challenge II at MICCAI 2008 - MS Lesion Segmentation
This document examines the application of a new parametric method on the segmentation of MS lesions in brain sMRI, as applied to the data provided for the MS Lesion Segmentation Challenge at MICCAI 2008. The method uses the vector image joint histogram, [...]

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