A small rework for the Gaussian Derivative Image Function
The itk::GaussianDerivativeImageFunction computes the derivative at the specified physical or pixel location. Unfortunately it has a number of deficiencies, for which I suggest possible solutions.

This article presents the itk::ComposeRGBAImageFilter.

LookAt Transform Initializer and Oblique Section Image Filter
This paper describes the ITK implementation of a transform initializer to produce a rigid 3-D transform able to center a given point on an arbitrary plane. The resultant transform allows the user to "look at" a point from a given direction. The resultant [...]

Alternative Memory Models for ITK Images
By default ITK images use a contiguous memory model. This means pixel elements are stored in a single 1-D array, where each element is adjacent in memory to the previous element. However in some situations it is not desirable to use this memory model. This [...]

Cuberille Implicit Surface Polygonization for ITK
This article describes an ITK implementation of the "cuberille" method for poloygonization of implicit surfaces. The method operates by dividing the surface into a number of small cubes called cuberilles. Each cuberille is centered at a pixel lying on the [...]

Fast Marching Minimal Path Extraction in ITK
This paper describes the ITK implementation of a minimal path extraction framework based on Fast Marching arrival functions. The method requires the user to provide three inputs: 1. a meaningful speed function to generate an arrival function, 2. path [...]

Tagged Volume Rendering of the Heart: A Case Study
This is a companion paper describing the process and parameters for tagged volume rendering of the heart. We firstly review the relevant concepts and consider the problem of visualising the coronary arteries from computed tomography angiography (CTA) images. [...]

SharpImage: An Image Processing Prototyping Environment
No opinion
This paper describes an image processing prototyping environment called SharpImage. SharpImage is a stand-alone Windows application geared towards the pre-processing and creation of volume illustrations, although other generic tasks are inherently supported. [...]

Using a Mask to Decrease Computation Time for SpatialObject to Image Conversions
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This article presents an approach for decreasing the computational time for converting a sparse SpatialObject to an Image. The method is applicable for SpatialObjects which occupy less volume than the total output Image (which occurs often, especially when [...]

ManagedITK: .NET Wrappers for ITK
ManagedITK generates wrappers around ITK for .NET languages. These wrappers can be used with any CLR language, including C#, VB.NET, IronPython, and others. ManagedITK is useful for a number of reasons, including the ability to rapidly create graphical user [...]

Using the strategy pattern to simplify ITK
ITK is becoming increasingly complex as it continues to grow and evolve. The SimpleITK initiative aims to address this concern by providing an easy-access layer around ITK for non-C++ expert developers. This article proposes an alternate (perhaps [...]

The Generalised Image Fusion Toolkit (GIFT)
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Image fusion provides a mechanism to combine multiple images into a single representation to aid human visual perception and image processing tasks. Such algorithms endeavour to create a fused image containing the salient information from each source image, [...]

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