Coronary Centerline Extraction Using Multiple Hypothesis Tracking and Minimal Paths
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This paper describes an interactive approach to the identification of coronary arteries in 3D angiography images. The approach is based on a novel multiple hypothesis tracking methodology which is complemented with a standard minimal path search, and it [...]

Segmentation of Liver Metastases in CT Scans by Adaptive Thresholding and Morphological Processing
This article presents an algorithm for the segmentation of liver metastases in CT scans. It is a hybrid method that combines adaptive thresholding based on a gray value analysis of the ROI with model-based morphological processing. We show the results of the [...]

A Framework for Algorithm Evaluation and Clinical Application Prototyping using ITK
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The usage of image processing has become an important and continuous growing field in medical imaging. Although a large amount of algorithms is available, only few are routinely applied within applications for clinical diagnosis support and treatment [...]

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