Reader/Writer for Analyze Object Maps for ITK
This document describes an addition to the Image IO Library of the Insight Toolkit (ITK). ITK has been able to read in Analyze image files but not the Analyze Object Maps that correspond to the images. Analyze Object maps define regions of interest that are [...]

Affine Transformation for Landmark Based Registration Initializer in ITK
This document describes an affine transformation algorithm as an additional feature for landmark based registration in ITK The algorithm is based on the paper by Spath, H [1]. The author derives a set of linear equations from paired landmarks and [...]

Spherical Thin Plate Spline Mesh Filter
This document describes a contribution to the Insight Toolkit intended to perform landmark-based registration on two meshes. The method implemented here is restricted to meshes with a spherical geometry and topology. Please refer Wahba's paper for the [...]

Introduction to ITK Resample In-Place Image Filter
In this document we present an ITK image filter that outputs a new image with identical voxel contents but with modified physical space representation. The physical space representation of an image is modified to reflect the physical space transform on the [...]

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