Deconvolution: infrastructure and reference algorithms
The deconvolution, also called deblurring, tries to revert the optical distortion introduced during the aquisition of the image. It is a family of image processing which can be classed in the larger family of image restoration. Deconvolution is a very [...]

FFT Complex to Complex filters and helper classes
ITK currently supports real to complex conjugate forward and inverse Fourier transformation's through dedicated filters. In turn, these utilize one of a number of Fourier transform implementations, such as that available through VNL, through FFTW or through [...]

FFT based convolution
The Fourier transform of the convolution of two images is equal to the product of their Fourier transform. With this definition, it is possible to create a convolution filter based on the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT). The interesting complexity [...]

An Open Source, Fast Ultrasound B-Mode Implementation for Commodity Hardware
This document describes an open source, high performance ultrasound B-Mode implementation based on the Insight Toolkit (ITK). ITK extensions are presented to calculate the radio-frequency (RF) signal envelope. A variety of 1D Fast Fourier Transform options [...]

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