ImageLinearIterator - WithIndex removed
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ITK includes a number of iterators including the {em itkImageLinearConstIteratorWithIndex} and {em itkImageLinearIteratorWithIndex} that support visiting voxels along lines parallel to the image axes. This is particularly useful for separable filters. This [...]

A MultipleImageIterator for iterating over multiple images simultaneously
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Several applications such as multi-atlas segmentation require frequent iteration over multiple image volumes at the same time. Doing so with the regular ITK iterators is tedious and error prone as it requires updating each iterator at end of each iteration. [...]

optimized image iterators
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This document describes the iteration direction optimized Image Iterators . Comparing with the original corresponding iterators, the new iterators provide automatic iteration direction optimization and give more flexible. They are more efficient when the [...]

Shaped Neighborhood based Flood Filled Conditional Iterators
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ITK's flood filling iterator represents a way to visit pixels/voxels within an image having a specific connectivity. The iterator is initialized at known seed points and starting from these, neighbors that are within the desired connectivity are marked as to [...]

A Mesh Front Iterator for VTK
Region growing is a technique that can be used to propagate information over a mesh. We provide an iterator that can be used with vtkPointSet subclasses to traverse a mesh in a reasonable fashion. A "front" is emanated from a selected starting vertex, and the [...]

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