OpenCL accelerated GPU binary morphology image filters for ITK
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Binary morphological operations are fundamental tools in image processing but the processing time scales with the number of pixels thus making them expensive operations on the CPU for larger 3D datasets that typically appear in medical imaging. Since erosion [...]

Improving features and performance of binary erode and dilate filters
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Binary erosion and dilation are the base filters of binary mathematical morphology. In ITK 2.4.1 verb$BinaryDilateImageFilter$ and verb$BinaryErodeImageFilter$ implement an efficient algorithm described in cite{Nikopoulos2000}. However, those filter lack [...]

Efficient contour detection in binary and label images
ly in ITK, the only way to find the contour of the objects in a binary image is to use the BinaryErodeImageFilter, with a kernel of radius 1. This filter is a generic filter, made to support any shape and size of structuring element, and thus is not optimized [...]

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