Improving features and performance of binary erode and dilate filters
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Binary erosion and dilation are the base filters of binary mathematical morphology. In ITK 2.4.1 verb$BinaryDilateImageFilter$ and verb$BinaryErodeImageFilter$ implement an efficient algorithm described in cite{Nikopoulos2000}. However, those filter lack [...]

Improving performance of morphological reconstruction
Morphological reconstruction may be implemented in a number of different ways. ITK has an iterative method and a non iterative method. This article compares the performance of another non iterative method and finds a significant improvement.

Parallel algorithms for erosion and dilation of label images.
It is sometimes useful to be able to apply binary morphological operations, such as erosions and dilations, to labelled images in a fashion that preserves the labels. This article introduces a specialised class implementing parallel methods described in beare [...]

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