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Morphological gradients enhance the variation of pixel intensity in a given neighborhood.

Robust Automatic Threshold Selection
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Robust Automatic Threshold Selection (RATS) is a fast and noise robust automatic thresholding method based on gradients in the image. The basic idea is to choose the threshold at the intensity where the gradient are the highest.

Simple directional gradients
It is often useful to be able to compute the component of image gradient in a direction defined by a shape of some form, rather than relative to the image axis. This article introduces a simple method for doing this based on distance transforms that is [...]

Higher Order Accurate Derivative and Gradient Calculation in ITK
In this article we describe higher order accurate derivative and gradient image ļ¬lters for the InsightToolkit. These filters are central difference-based numerical derivative approximations that account for additional Taylor series terms and are based on [...]

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