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MR Parameter Map Suite: ITK Classes for Calculating Magnetic Resonance T2 and T1 Parameter Maps

Bigler, Don, Meadowcroft, Mark, Sun, Xiaoyu, Vesek, Jeffrey, Dresner, Alex, Smith, Michael, Yang, Qing
UT Southwestern Medical Center
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Submitted by Don Bigler on 2008-06-03T03:24:19Z.

This document describes a suite of new multi-threaded classes for calculating magnetic resonance (MR) T2 and T1 parameter maps implemented using the Insight Toolkit ITK ( Similar to MR diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), MR T2 and T1 parameter maps provide a non-invasive means for quantitatively measuring disease or pathology in-vivo. Included in the suite are classes for reading proprietary Bruker 2dseq and Philips PAR/REC images and example programs and data for validating the new classes.