Vessel Enhancing Diffusion Filter

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This paper describes vessel enhancing diffusion (VED) filters implemented
using the Insight Toolkit (ITK). The filters are implementation of the
VED algorithm developed by Manniesing et al . The VED algorithm follows a
multiscale approach to enhance vessels using anisotropic diffusion scheme guided
by vesselness measure at a pixel level. Vesselness is determined by geometrical
analysis of the Eigen system of the Hessian matrix. For this purpose, a smoothed version of the Frangi's
vesselness function is formulated. Experiments were conducted to evaluate the performance
of the VED filters in enhancing vessels in lung CT scan.
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Comment by Robert Atwood yellow
I wonder from the journal page here can it be found out whether the feature has been accepted since then?
Comment by Ramón Casero Cañas yellow
Updated the patch with a suggestion by Brad Lowekamp
Comment by Ramón Casero Cañas yellow
I have sent a patch to the insight-users mailing list with an upgrade to compile with ITK v4.x

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Keywords: Anisotropic Diffusion, Vesselness, Hessian
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