Introducing Dice, Jaccard, and Other Label Overlap Measures To ITK

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Although the KappaStatisticImageToImageMetric can be used to obtain the Dice metric (or mean overlap), there are other related measurements that are useful for evaluating results derived from various image analysis tasks. These measures include the target overlap, union overlap (or Jaccard coefficient), and false positive/negative errors. There are also related measures for multilabeled images. The class included with this submission, the itkLabelOverlapMeasuresImageFilter, is meant to provide an easy mechanism for calculating such measures.
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The authors present a filter which computes a number of label overlap measures, including the Dice coefficient. The filter operates on one or more labels.


Full source code and unit tests are provided.

Open Science:

The full source code, unit tests, and input data are provided.


I downloaded the code, compiled it, and ran it. I was able to reproduce the results reported in the paper.

Use of Open Source Software:

The filter makes use of the Insight Toolkit.

Open source Contributions:

The article has a clear example how to use the filter.

Code Quality :

The code is of high quality and meets the ITK coding guidelines.


The label overlap measures will be of great interest to the Insight community. The contribution makes it simple to automatically compare binary segmentation results, which is helpful to tune parameters and/or compare different algorithms.

Free comment :

This contribution should be merged in to the toolkit ASAP.

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Comment by Raghav Mehta yellow
I am not able to execute this code can anyone help on that... ?? It is showing that itk_hash_map.h is removed from this version of ITK. When I add that file explicitly after building it correctly; I am getting an error of segmentation fault (core dumped) error.

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Categories: Registration, Segmentation
Keywords: Dice, Jaccard, overlap
Toolkits: ITK
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