Adapting the ITK Registration Framework to Fit Parametric Image Models

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The image registration framework in the Insight Tookit offers a powerful body of code for finding the optimal spatial transform that registers one image with another. However, ITK currently lacks a way to fit parametric models of image pixel values to an input image. This document describes new classes that enable use of the registration framework to provide this capability. We describe a new base class, itk::ParametricImageSource, that defines an interface for parametric image sources. An adapter class itk::ImageToParametricImageSourceMetric that enables itk::ParametricImageSources to be hooked into the registration framework is also described. An example adapter class that enables the existing itk::GaussianImageSource to be used for image fitting is presented, and we demonstrate use of the classes by fitting a 2D Gaussian function to an image generated by the itk::GaussianImageSource class.
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Categories: Optimization, Registration metrics
Keywords: parametric image models, Gaussian fitting
Toolkits: ITK, CMake
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