Cuberille Implicit Surface Polygonization for ITK

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This article describes an ITK implementation of the "cuberille" method for poloygonization of implicit surfaces. The method operates by dividing the surface into a number of small cubes called cuberilles. Each cuberille is centered at a pixel lying on the iso-surface and then quadrilaterals are generated for each face. The original approach is improved by projecting the vertices of each cuberille onto the implicit surface, smoothing the typical block-like resultant mesh. Source code and examples are provided to demonstrate the method.
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Since ITK 4.9.0 this module is available in the ITK source tree as a Remote module. To enable it set:


in ITK's CMake build configuration.

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Categories: Mesh, PointSet
Keywords: polygonization, mesh, cuberille, implicit surface
Toolkits: ITK, CMake
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