The TVDMFFDVR Algorithm

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The recent ITKv4 refactoring includes several enhancements to the existing registration framework. These additional transform classes provide access to mappings described by dense displacement fields and their corresponding optimization which complement the popular free-form deformation (FFD) ap- proach already in ITK. Innovation motivated by previous work [5] and recent diffeomorphic image regis- tration developments in which the characteristic velocity field is represented by spatiotemporal B-splines [2], resulted in a diffeomorphic B-spline-based image registration algorithm combining and extending these techniques which we make available in ITK through the gerrit system. Additionally, we include two command line tools showcasing the new elements of the registration refactoring for 1) computing mappings between two images (antsRegistration) including the family of transforms discussed in this article and 2) applying those transformations to images (antsApplyTransforms). NB: The user must download the patch available at in or- der to compile the code accompanying this article.
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minus Time varying velocity fields are a great addition to ITK by Mathieu De craene on 2012-08-29 05:07:31 for revision #1
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The authors present a framework embedded in ITK for optimizing an unstationary velocity field for doing pairwise image registration. The code uses several classes that are part of the ITKv4 registration framework. Specifically, they consider the case of a velocity field represented by a BSpline field. 


The code presented here is generic as it support any image to image metric in ITK.


Authors give qualitative examples of image warping and program usage in their paper. 

Open Science:

The code is fully open source and part of ITK.


The experiments would be easier to reproduce if the input images could be added directly downloaded from the insight journal page. 

Use of Open Source Software:

ITK is the only open source package needed here. 

Open source Contributions:

The submission comes with examples about how to use the command line programs of this submission. 

Code Quality :

The code is well commented and up to the highest ITK standards. 

Quality of the data :

I could not find the data. 


I would encourage the authors to think about the extension of such framework to handle sequences of images rather than pair of images.

I am convinced that a time varying representation of the transformation has a special interest when solving for time varying transformations e.g. evolution of a tumor over time, hear deformation over one cycle etc ... 

Free comment:

The current implementation requires to fully resample the fixed and moving image volumes at each iteration. This can be quite time consuming. It would be interesting to disccuss alternatives for avoiding this resampling.

In case a paper describing the mathematical framework behind this implementation exists, it would be great to add it to the references. 

Comment by Eugene Paul: Reply yellow
Frst of all I appreciate the author for taking the effort to share an article on a relevant topic. I don’t know as how many you have come to know about the new registration idea implemented in order to bring in several enhancements in the existing registration framework.
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Comment by Mathieu De craene yellow
Thanks for the info. Would be great to have a chat on this. The project is progressing fast :)
Comment by Nick Tustison yellow
Hi Mathieu,

Thanks for the review and you're absolutely right---we do need to incorporate the handling of image series instead of just image pairs. We plan to do that but haven't yet as we have other priorities with respect to the contract that is funding this work. Even our pairwise velocity field work continues to be refined (e.g. Perhaps we can communicate with you in the future regarding this request.

Thanks again,

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Categories: Deformable registration, Registration, Transforms
Keywords: registration, ants
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