Tubular Geodesics using Oriented Flux: An ITK Implementation

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This document describes an ITK implementation of an interactive method for tracing curvilinear structures.
The basic tools provided in this framework are an oriented flux-based tubularity measure and a geodesic path
tracer that uses the fast marching algorithm. The framework is efficient and requires minimal user
interaction to trace curvilinear structures such as vessels and neurites in 2D images and 3D image
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Comment by Cai Erlong yellow
helo,itkMultiScaleOrientedFluxBasedMeasureImageFilter is not foud in the file can you tell me where thank you
Comment by Xiaozhu Xiaomo yellow
I have the same error:‘GetImageDimension’ is not a member of ‘itk'.How can I deal with it?
Comment by Jorge Pérez yellow
The code does not compile with ITK 4.5

First error is:

itkOrientedFluxMatrixImageFilter.h:62:3: error: ‘GetImageDimension’ is not a member of ‘itk’
Comment by Lafseo Iwfy yellow
Nice blog.
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Categories: Data Representation, Feature extraction, Filtering, Mathematics, Optimization, Path, Segmentation, Surface extraction
Keywords: Curvilinear Structures, Tubular structures, Optimally Oriented Flux, Tubularity, Tubular Geodesic, Tracing, Tree-like Structures, Reconstruction, Segmentation, Vessel Tracing, Neurite Tracing, Centerline Extraction, Minimal Path
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