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Consolidated morphology

Lehmann, Gaetan, Beare, Richard
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Submitted by Gaetan Lehmann on 2006-09-17T18:29:21Z.

Grayscale dilation and erosion are basic transformations of mathematical morphology. Used together or with other transformations, they are very useful tools for image analysis. However, they can be very time consuming, especially with 3D images, and with large structuring elements. Several algorithms have been created to decrease the computation time, some of them with some limitations of shape of structuring element. We have implemented several algorithms, studied their performance in different conditions, and shown that all of them are more efficients than the others in certain conditions. We finally introduce a new structuring element class and a some meta filter designed to select the best algorithm depending on the image and the structuring element, and to smoothely integrate the different algorithms available in the toolkit.