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Flux driven medial curve extraction

Mellado, Xavier, Larrabide, Ignacio, Hernandez, Monica, Frangi, Alejandro
Universitat Pompeu Fabra
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Submitted by Xavier Mellado Esteban on 2010-10-21 10:59:27.

In this document it is described the implementation of the flux driven automatic centerline extraction algorithm proposed by Bouix et al. in 2004. This is based on a skeletonisation algorithm initially proposed by Siddiqi et al. in 2002, using properties of an average outward flux measure to distinguish skeletal points from non-skeletal ones. This information is combined with a topology preserving thinning procedure to obtain the final result. This implementation combines this skeletonisation algorithm with other techniques as described in the paper of Bouix et al. to produce an ITK filter that generates as output the skeleton, as a binary object represented in an image, of the input surface, represented as a distance transform image. In this work is described this medial curve extraction procedure following the ITK philosophy.