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Image registration using the Morphon algorithm: an ITK implementation

Plumat, Jerome, Andersson, Mats, Janssens, Guillaume, Orban de Xivry , Jonathan, Knutsson, Hans , Macq, Benoit
University of Auckland
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Submitted by Jerome Plumat on 2009-03-05 08:18:46.

Medical image registration is becoming a more and more useful component of a large number of applications. The presented method aims to enrich the ITK library. This method, called Morphon registration algorithm, computes a dense deformation field accepting inputs from different intensity contrasts. This article presents its implementation within the Insight Toolkit. In this paper, we provide a brief description of the algorithm, a presentation of the implementation, the justification of our modified classes and the results given by the algorithm. We demonstrate the algorithm in application of different images intesity constrasts and dimensions.