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ITK Mesh IO Framework

Zhu, Wanlin
University of New South Wales
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Submitted by Wanlin Zhu on 2010-09-08 00:42:41.

ITK has a powerful and flexible image IO framework. Reading and writing different types of image file is straightforward. The image IO could be easily extended by writing a specific image IO class for a new image file format. Whereas, there is no such framework for easily reading and writing itk::Mesh/itk::QuadEdgeMesh, At the moment, only a few specific classes to read vtk polydata format and is not easily to be extended. This paper describes our contribution to itk for providing a mesh IO framework which could be used for reading and writing some commonly used mesh file formats. The mesh IO classes worked well for both itk::Mesh and itk::QuadEdgeMesh.