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A Skull-Stripping Filter for ITK

Bauer, Stefan, Fejes, Thomas, Reyes, Mauricio
University of Bern
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Published in The Insight Journal - 2012 January-December.
Submitted by Stefan Bauer on 2013-01-21 00:11:02.

Skull-stripping (or brain extraction) is an important pre-processing step in neuroimage analysis. This document describes a skull-stripping filter implemented using the Insight Toolkit ITK, which we named itk::StripTsImageFilter. It is a composite filter based on existing ITK classes. The filter has been implemented with usability, robustness, speed and versatility in mind, rather than accuracy. This makes it useful for many pre-processing tasks in neuroimage analysis. This paper is accompanied by the source code, input data and a testing environment.