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Contributions to the Normalized Correlation and the Mean Squares Metric

Staring, Marius
Leiden University Medical Center
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Submitted by Marius Staring on 2006-04-10T15:11:07Z.

This document describes contributions on the NormalizedCorrelationImageToImageMetric and the MeanSquaresImageToImageMetric of the Insight Toolkit ITK \url{}. For the first metric a two time speed-up can be achieved by rewriting the code to loop only once over the fixed image. This is instead of the two times that is used in the current ITK code. The reduction in computation time comes at the cost of an additional storage of a parameters array. For both metric we have implemented the option to use only a random subset of the fixed image voxels for calculating the metric value and its derivatives. This reduces the computation time (substantially), while convergence properties are maintained. This paper is accompanied with the source code.