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Primal/Dual Mesh with Application to Triangular/Simplex Mesh and Delaunay/Voronoi

Irshad, Humayun, Rigaud, Stephane, Gouaillard, Alexandre
Insitut Pasteur
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Submitted by Stephane Rigaud on 2012-11-15 20:47:19.

This document describes an extension of ITK to handle both primal and dual meshes simultaneously. This paper describe in particular the data structure, an extension of itk::QuadEdgeMesh, a filter to compute and add to the the structure the dual of an existing mesh, and an adaptor which let a down- ward pipeline process the dual mesh as if it was a native itk::QuadEdgeMesh. The new data structure, itk::QuadEdgeMeshWithDual, is an extension of the already existing itk::QuadEdgeMesh, which already included by default the due topology, to handle dual geometry as well. Two types of primal meshes have been specifically illustrated: triangular / simplex meshes and Voronoi / Delaunay. A functor mechanism has been implemented to allow for different kind of computation of the dual geometry. This paper is accompanied with the source code and examples.