Deconvolution: infrastructure and reference algorithms

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The deconvolution, also called deblurring, tries to revert the optical distortion introduced during the aquisition of the image. It is a family of image processing which can be classed in the larger family of image restoration.
Deconvolution is a very difficult problem, and many algorithms have been proposed to solve it, with different strenght and weakness which may depend on the context where they are used. As a consequence, it is desirable to have several algorithms available when trying to restore some images. The different algorithms are often built on a similar principle, making possible to share a large part of their API in their implementation. Also, the most generic operations related to deconvolution should be reusable in order to avoid code duplication and ease the implementation of new algorithms.

In this contribution, the infrastructure for the implementation of several deconvolution algorithms is proposed. Based on this infrastructure, twelve simple deconvolution algorithms of reference are also provided.
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minus A very important contribution for microscopy applications by Cory Quammen on 2010-10-07 21:16:36 for revision #1
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Corrupting images by simulated noise is an essential process for generating realistic simulated images where the ground truth data is known and corrupted by noise with known characteristics.


Deconvolution algorithms can be added to ITK in a way that uses common API elements to minimize code duplication.


The author provides an implementation of numerous deconvolution algorithms organized into a design that minimizes code duplication. The class hierarchy also serves as a nice conceptual taxonomy of deconvolution algorithms.

Open Science:

All source code and example images are included with the publication. 


I could not compile this contribution on Windows because the type uint32 is not defined.

Use of Open Source Software:

All the software provided is open source and extends the open source ITK library.

Open source Contributions:

It took just a few short minutes to configure, compile, and run the examples.

Code Quality :

The code is high quality and appears to conform to ITK's coding style by visual inspection.


Quality of the data :

The test images were useful for demonstrating the operation of the noise filters.


Adding simulated noise is incredibly useful for many, many fields.

Free comment :

This is a fantastic contribution.

Comment by Natalie Anderson: Yes deconvolution is a major yellow
Yes deconvolution is a major issue and i have faced it in my project where i was suppose to get good assistance from for the rectification of this issue. It's been a good time to visit here as i have been trying to sort out the problem with a specific algorithm. I am good enough to learn the facts here.

Comment by Eugene Paul: Reply yellow
It is of so truth that in order to gather data for stereo or multi-view reconstruction is of time consuming and cost effective process. Those who do it free of cost, may do not reveal the actual cost involved in it and the data may not be factual as well.
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Categories: Filtering, Programming
Keywords: deconvolution, fft
Toolkits: ITK, CMake
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