ITK on the iOS

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ITK is one of the most powerful image segmentation and registration libraries available as an open source toolkit. Motivated by the recent popularization of the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, in this work, we describe the set of required steps for integrating the ITK framework into Apple’s iOS mobile operating system. Our focus in this paper is on the process of importing the C++ based ITK to the Objective-C based iOS, and creating a simple application that demonstrates the ITK libraries are integrated. This paper brings to the reader a user-manual on how to integrate the ITK libraries into iOS applications and code. We present here the series of steps we performed in order to import the ITK libraries as well as report the results of importing them under different versions of the iOS and under different architectures (the Simulator and Device architecture).

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Categories: Generic Programming, Programming
Keywords: ITK, iPhone, iPad, iPod, iOS, Objective-C
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